About us

An introduction

An introduction


Since 1931, our sole activity has been in raw cotton trading.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the cotton which best meets their needs. We handle buying, quality control and delivery while managing the financial risk involved.

Our specialized expert knowledge and technical proficiency have all played their part in making us a major player in this field.

DEVCOT relies on a competent and experienced team which includes traders working alongside the logistic, financial and quality control departments as well as its agents based throughout the world.


We work with established producers and customers in a climate of mutual trust which allows us to follow through contracts with the utmost rigour.

We choose the most proficient producers who, like us, share the same serious attention to detail, each bringing their own wealth of expertise.

Working closely not only with the producers and the spinners but also with our international agents and qualified checkers, our team continues to enrich its knowledge of the market and the product.




DEVCOT does everything in its power to satisfy its customers and select the required quality by systematically checking the cotton before loading and delivery: colour, brightness, staple length, micronaire and strength.

The company relies on its own quality control team made up of experts who inspect manually the quality and the condition of the cotton bales. Laboratory tests on HVI chain (High Volume Instrument) are also carried out.


At the same time, Devcot uses a network of officially recognised checkers ; they are selected and given the task of controlling quality and weight both at the location of the producer (ginning factory, ports) and the final customer (port, mill).

Our traders and agents regularly visit our supplying partners to check the quality of the harvests.